ESG In-depth Analysis Reports

ESG Overview

This chapter breaks the scores and ratings down in to themes, sectors and holdings, comparing to the benchmark distribution in each case.

This demonstrates how ESG factors are being managed at a more granular level and where the overall score is being affected by individual investment decisions.

& International Norms

Whilst scores and benchmarks are illuminating and add context and the “big picture”, it’s equally important to have visibility of reputation damaging factors and where real harm could and has been done. We highlight both violations of international norms as well as where there is a risk of this occurring.

Business Involvement

The metrics here measure the portfolio exposure to companies flagged for controversial business involvement such as munitions, gambling or tobacco. Some clients may not have a preference for avoiding all these elements but we provide transparency to help identify funds that align with ethical, religious or political views.

Impact Measurement

As well as knowing what to avoid, we also show clients where their capital is having a positive impact, broken down in to Environmental and Social Impact Themes and compared to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Individual companies are highlighted, including how they are contributing and the percentage of corporate revenue derived from sustainable activities.

Fund Overview

While we focus on breaking down a portfolio to individual company level, it can be useful to see where specific fund holdings are contributing to the scoring, both positively and negatively.