ESG Reporting

Independent Reporting

Everyone is talking about it.  ESG is at the forefront of our collective minds but it’s hard to get an accurate picture of the Environmental, Social and Governance risks of your portfolio.  And even if the data is available, its not straight forward to digest and convert in to action.  But when clients are asking and regulators are pressing, now is the time to act. 

Whether you want information on your own portfolio or you would like to report ESG performance to your clients, we provide visibility of the sustainability profile of your investments.

We produce two levels of detail – a summary report alone or accompanied by a complete breakdown.  In each case, we report at company level, irrespective of the type of security, and provide ratings compared to peers and an agreed benchmark.  If you want more detail, our full report provides a breakdown by ESG factors, sector, business exposure, best and worst performers, controversy exposure and Impact – including versus the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Succinct information, clear statement of risks and the credibility of independence and benchmarking. Critical Insights is your complete solution for ESG reporting.

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